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Mum's $20 pantry hack makes it "the happiest place on Earth"

Mum's $20 pantry hack makes it "the happiest place on Earth"

A mum has showcased her incredible method to storing typically “messy” packages of food in her pantry, and it’s unlike anything you have ever seen.

Mother-of-two Emma took to Facebook to reveal how she hangs various chips and lollies packets on special “coathangers” in her cupboard.

“Thought I’d share my kitchen cupboards with you,” shared Emma on the Mrs Hinch Made Me Do it Facebook page.

“Yes I have beans and pasta, my mum sent me because for some reason she thought we would starve without them in lockdown!”

Emma admits that while her pantry may look as perfect as can be, she has “other cupboards with different food in but they are not as pretty”.

It is believed Emma used tension rod curtain rods – available at Bunnings and Spotlight – as well as shower curtain hooks with clips to create a “coathanger” effect.

“I’d love to live in your sweets cupboard,” wrote one excited person

Another added: “Your lolly cupboard is the happiest place on Earth.”

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