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Tip of the lid: savvy Kmart fan shares thrifty $7 hack

Tip of the lid: savvy Kmart fan shares thrifty $7 hack

If you have saucepan lids lying around your kitchen and nowhere to store them, then keep reading.

It turns out file racks aren’t just for sorting all the documents in your home office – they’re quite handy in the kitchen too.

One savvy homeowner has shared her hack for storing saucepan lids using an inexpensive file rack from Kmart.

“For anyone else who’s short on storage in their kitchen (this is underneath an island bench) we’ve used this metal file rack to store our saucepan lids,” Rosie Francis shared on Facebook.

She then shared a photo showing her lids neatly organised according to size.

It didn’t take long for other Kmart fans to reveal how they make use of the file rack, helping them organise everything from trays to chopping boards.

“I have my baking trays and slice tins in one,” said one user.

“I use them for baking trays and chopping boards,” another added.

“Great idea. I hate my lids pile in the cupboard,” said another.

And what’s even better, is that it only costs $7.

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