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Larry Emdur's big property pay day

Larry Emdur's big property pay day

Channel 7’s Larry Emdur and wife Sylvie have pocketed $4.3 million from the sale of their luxurious home in The Rocks.

The warehouse conversion sold before auction through their estate agent son Jye Emdur. The dwelling was built in 1924 and previously sold in 2017 for $3.19 million, after their Dover Heights clifftop home was purchased for a record setting $11.5 million.

Located on Gloucester St near the southern end of the Harbour Bridge, the Tanner Kibble Denton Architects-designed apartment combines the original fabric of the building with a luxury New York feel. The apartment has two bedrooms, which have open ­ensuites.

Emdur is off to live in Darling Point in an apartment purchased from Naomi Penny, the widow of Professor Ron Penny, who pioneered clinical immunology.

Edmur plans to launch his memoir in August. Happy as, reflecting on his younger days and the path to his current career.

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