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The Block contestants suffer from second tragedy

The Block contestants suffer from second tragedy

Tuesday's episode of The Block saw contestants hit with their second family tragedy within days of each other, as another contestant's grandparent has died during filming.

NSW teacher Sarah's beloved grandmother had passed away, leaving her and husband George devastated.

The episode started with Sarah refusing to leave her room as she grieves.

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"When you're on #TheBlock you just don't think those things happen. You think the world stops with you." 💔

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The heartbreaking news came days after South Australian farmer couple Daniel and Jade briefly left the show as Daniel's grandfather had died.

As they did with Daniel and Jade, The Block’s production team let Sarah and George know that family comes first.

“I’ve heard, and I’m very, very, very sorry,” host Scott Cam tells the couple. “You’re away from home, and it’s a stressful time already for you … this is very sad.”

“We’ll do whatever we can to make it a little bit better. I’ll get (foremen) Keith and Dan on the case. ‘This’ is not important – you just let us know when you need to go. We’ll fly you anywhere, fly you home, stay overnight, be with the family. Do not worry about this,” he tells them.

The gesture brought the couple to tears.

The Block is not easy, and then to have stuff like that going on … it’s hard,” George says.

The show has been rife with drama as the show episodes catch up with the coronavirus lockdown, leaving interstate couples to decide a new course of action.

“What are you going to do with your kids?” one couple is asked. “I’ll walk home if I have to,” another interstate contestant declares.

On day 35, production can no longer continue and Scott Cam makes a tough announcement.

“I’m sorry it’s come to this – I’m shutting it down now,” Scott Cam announces, as contestants are shown weeping.