3 simple cruise packing hacks you need to know

3 simple cruise packing hacks you need to know

Packing for a cruise may seem like the same ritual as it is for a holiday, however that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Unlike resort getaways or adventure travelling, cruising can, for the most part, be a pretty isolated experience when thinking about how close your ship is to land. A quick trip to the local supermarket for a bottle of sunscreen and a floppy hat or a stop at the chemist to stock up on medicine is not possible when you are on a cruise if you are not willing to pay the hefty price tag.

So without further ado, here are some simple cruise packing hacks so you’re not left stranded without your swimmers or a spare pair of undies while you’re thousands of kilometres away from shore.  

1. Pack your carry-on like it is the only bag you’re taking on your trip

Cruise lines do warn travellers to pack similarly to this tip, however, many overlook it although they NEVER should.

When you climb aboard, it is important to keep in mind that your carry on is mostly the only bag you’re allowed to keep with you when you first step on the cruise vessel as your big luggage filled with all your necessities are delivered to you by stewards.

While this may seem convenient, it means your bags may not get back to you for hours or even days (depending on the cruise line’s size and efficiency).

So make sure you are prepared to go the distance with your small backpack, sun bag or mini suitcase.

A carry-on can be the lifesaver you didn't know you needed if your bags decide to take a vacation on their own.

2. Pack all sorts of outfits

Packing for a cruise can be pretty straightforward but you must come prepared for any occasion because depending on the length of your stay on board, there will be plenty of festivities guests are welcome to dress up or down for.

So whip out those heels and the gorgeous gown you’ve been wondering if you’ll ever get to wear again and pull out the suave leather shoes because most cruise lines famously host “formal” nights which ask guests to dress to the nines.

Depending on the itinerary as well, cruisers will be asked to bring supplies and a special outfit for themed holiday nights such as “Mexican Fiesta” or “‘80s disco.”

3. Bring the jacket you didn’t think you would need

No matter how hard the sun promises it will beat down throughout your trip, it is always essential to bring a jacket as those long, drawn-out nights at sea can get pretty chilly. It can also be a lightweight jacket and a windbreaker just to ensure those heavy winds are no match against you.

Most importantly, be safe and don’t pack what you’re not allowed to.