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55-year age gap: Former priest moves to Romania with model husband

55-year age gap: Former priest moves to Romania with model husband

An 81-year-old former Anglican priest and his much younger husband have settled down in Romania to finally live in the same country together.

Philip Clements and Florin Martin, 27, tied the knot three years ago after meeting online – with the majority of their married life spent long-distance.

But last month, Philip moved to Bucharest to be with his husband and the pair are now looking forward to celebrating their third wedding anniversary with a home-cooked meal.

Philip said he was gradually adjusting to the new city as his home, with the couple determined to make their marriage last despite Florin partying every weekend.

“He understands me much better and I understand him much better,” Philip told The Sun.

“I know when he’s busy not to disturb him and to give him space.

“He goes to the gay club in Bucharest once a week and I’m fine with that.

“He must have space to be with younger people, it’s very important when there’s this big age difference.

“We’ve both learnt a lot.”

Philip had previously sold his home in England to help fund his new life with Florin, as they spent thousands of pounds travelling the world together.

But now, the couple are living off Philip’s teaching and church pension.

Florin quit his job at a car rental company at the Ali Cante airport in Spain and is hoping to score a manager’s position in the future so the two can continue to travel together.

“We do have to watch the money but Romania is cheaper than England so the money goes further,” said Philip.

“We have enough to live on and enough to go to the cinema and out for a meal occasionally.”

The pair have a 55-year age gap between them and met on Gaydar four years ago.

They married in April 2017.