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Cafe won’t let guests leave until they finish their work

Cafe won’t let guests leave until they finish their work

If you struggle a lot with procrastination then the only thing left for you to do is to book a ticket to Japan and head to this one cafe.

Unless you procrastinate that too, but hear us out. 

Manuscript Writing Cafe in Tokyo is the one-stop destination for procrastinators looking to get their work done.

There are 10 workstations and people are allowed to leave ONLY when they have finished their work.

And the staff will make sure you have completed your projects as they come to check in on you at least six times an hour. 

They also bring with them free snacks, tea, coffee, water and high-speed wifi. 

Once you have completed all your tasks, you are given a paper with an orange stamp and you are free to leave. 

The video was shared to TikTok and has been viewed more than 624,000 times and has received around 120,000 likes with many commenting about how they need to be at the cafe all the time. 

“Yup, I definitely need to work there.. ah.. maybe later,” one wrote.

“Kindness and torture at the same time,” someone commented.

“I guess I'm bringing a sleeping bag,” another joked.

“I’ll go later,” another joked about procrastinating their visit.

“So essentially I'd be living there,” read another. 

Images: TikTok

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