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Travelling to Botany in Darwin

Travelling to Botany in Darwin


Darwin is best known for its delightful CBD waterfront, but many are surprised to see the amount of interesting plants and trees all around Darwin. Don’t be afraid to put on your favourite botanist hat and get used to the tropical green!

The best place to view the widest variety of flora is at the Charles Brown Darwin City Botanic Gardens. Located walking-distance outside of the CBD, and just behind Mindil Beach, the Botanic Gardens are home to many including Australian-, African-, Cuban-origin plants and trees. Why not head over for ½ the day and enjoy having the ability to walk between biospheres; first through the woodlands then to the monsoon and rain forests.

Whether you choose to self-guide or take a segway tour, there is a lot to see and lots of grassy shaded area to have a break! Not to mention, the Botanic Gardens has a cafe conveniently situated close to the car park at the Mindil Beach side entrance. Eva’s cafe is highly rated and has the air of a quaint old-fashioned tea house- so why not stop for a cuppa?

Even after you have exhausted yourself at the Botanic Gardens, you still won’t be able to get away from the exotic plant life in Darwin! Along the Esplanade walk, in or just outside of town you will often be pleasantly surprised by the plants around you.

And don’t worry, if you are traveling with a plant-enthusiast but aren’t so keen yourself, you can simply enjoy the shade provided by the tropical trees or relax on the benches often located at the bases of some Darwin trees- like the Tree Of Knowledge pictured below. The Tree Of Knowledge is located just out front of the Darwin City Library and Civic Centre and was named as such due to the conversations that occurred beneath it in past years.

Written by Luray Joy. Republished with permission of MyDiscoveries.