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“Get your facts straight!”: Homeowner rages at "dobber" neighbour who called police

“Get your facts straight!”: Homeowner rages at "dobber" neighbour who called police

A landlord has made a furious sign in response to an anonymous complaint from a neighbour about the landlord leasing her holiday home in the Central Coast to an essential worker.

Tanya Watson, landlord, rented her Woy Woy granny flat to holiday makers since March 2018 but decided to reserve it for essential stays only during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I had very strict criteria about who I would accept,” Ms Watson told Yahoo News Australia.

“Essential workers, essential family trips... they had to have a really good reason for coming and be able to provide me with ID and proof of that reason”.

Watson decided to rent the flat out to an essential worker who was relocating to the Central Coast for three months, but the decision was only made after Watson checked the details with her future tenant’s employer.

The granny flat was rented on a three-month lease, but on Good Friday, police knocked on the door just two days after the new tenant moved in.

“They had received an anonymous complaint that I was operating as holiday accommodation during the COVID-19 lockdown on holiday properties,” Ms Watson said.

Her new tenant was left shaken and Watson herself was “embarrassed”.

“She was shocked, a young girl on her own who has moved from interstate, I had to make sure she was ok,” Ms Watson explained.

To make sure no further accusations were made, Watson posted a sign on the front of her property which will remain there for as long as she needs it.

“For your information - Get your facts straight first,” the sign says.

“Thanks to the dobber of our rental property. Yes - you are nosey. Yes - you reported us to the police with false facts. Yes - the police verified that I am a responsible owner who has a tenant in my granny flat on a lease.

“Mind your own business and stop wasting police time.

“This is a rental, not holiday accommodation, so keep walking,” the sign reads.

Photo credits: Yahoo News Australia