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Police officer called a hypocrite for defect on car

Police officer called a hypocrite for defect on car

A police officer who pulled over a man riding a defective motorbike has been called a hypocrite for having a smooth tyre. 

Theo Glibo was stopped by the police officer at a service station in Largs Bay, Adelaide for having an illegal blue light on his motorbike. 

The 24-year-old then spotted the officer’s front tyre which was “bald” and questioned why he was being ticketed while the car should also be unroadworthy. 

“I’m copping a defect and this cop has a bald tyre and he’s not even gonna defect his own car,” Theo said in his video. 

“I’m not going to put a sticker on it for something that’s going to be dealt with tomorrow,” the officer responded.

“Why not? That’s what you’re doing with mine, you’re a hypocrite,” Theo continued. 

”If this was anybody else’s tyre, you’d defect it. Where’s the wear bar on that?” 

The officer agreed that Theo was right and that he would deal with his tyre when his shift ended.

“You’re absolutely right, so I will defect that when I get back to my office,” the officer said.

Theo’s video went viral to the point that South Australia Police had to release a statement to address the incident.

“South Australia Police are aware of the social media post relating to an interaction between a SAPOL employee and a member of the public where the police vehicle was identified to have a bald tyre,” the statement read. 

“SAPOL have taken steps to address this matter.”

Images: TikTok

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