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"This is the devil's work!": Nun pulls apart female models sharing a kiss

"This is the devil's work!": Nun pulls apart female models sharing a kiss

A shocked nun caused quite a stir in the streets of Italy when she pulled away two female models who were kissing for a photoshoot.

The nun was dressed in a white habit and rushed to stop Serena de Ferrari and Briton Kyshan Wilson who had locked lips in a Naples backstreet as they posed for a photo for Not Yet magazine.

“What are you doing? This is the devil's work,” the nun shouted at them as they giggled.

She looked around at the cameramen and crossed herself before saying: “Jesus, Joseph and Mary”.

Make up artist Roberta Mastalia, who was on the shoot, said they had to ask the nun to leave thinking she was just joking.

“We were on location in the Spanish Quarter in Naples, in a little sidestreet with the two models when all of a sudden the nun walked past,” he said, The Daily Mail reported.

“She asked us if we had been to Mass that day and when we said 'No' she started blaming young people for Coronavirus and then she saw the two models posing up ready to kiss and that's when she ran forward to split them up.

“Our first reaction was we were all stunned. They took it as a bit of a joke and you can see from the video the two girls are laughing.

“We then had to ask the nun to leave as we explained we had work to do and she slowly walked off.”

Both Serena and Briton shared clips of the incident to their social media with the caption “God doesn’t love LGBT”.

Local priest Father Salvatore Giuliano The Church is constantly updating its views but some of the older generation have not yet accepted it.

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