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Woman slams Coles delivery service for frustrating detail that left her kitchen "flooded"

Woman slams Coles delivery service for frustrating detail that left her kitchen "flooded"

A Coles customer has slammed the supermarket after an online order went terribly wrong and was left out in the pouring rain for so long, the groceries “flooded” her kitchen when they were brought inside.

The horrified shopper claims the delivery driver did not heed her online instructions which asked for the groceries to be left undercover next to her front door.

The driver apparently did not knock when he delivered the bags full of items either.

She explained that after a frustrating experience trying to resolve the matter with Coles’ customer service team, they asked she direct her complaint to the Bateau Bay store, on the Central Coast, where she purchased from.

“It’s common sense to not leave someone’s groceries out in the rain. I did specify in the description to have the groceries left next to my front door in front of my shoes rack which is on my front porch, out of the weather,” she told Yahoo News Australia.

“If I was not home my groceries would of sat in the rain for however long and I wouldn’t of known.”

She also went on to say each time she had gotten groceries delivered, there had been a text to notify here, however this time there had been no notification or warning given.

“My floors were flooded from the groceries bags and my boxed groceries also were all soggy and wet. They were falling apart so had to be chucked,” she said.

She says deli meats and marinated salmon also had to be thrown away because of the water damage, with consolidating a total loss of about $80.

“I couldn’t believe someone would actually do that. Especially someone who probably makes multiple deliveries a day.”

The woman says that while she accepted the partial refund for the items that were completely unusable, she thought it to be only fair she received a full refund for the inconvenience it caused her and her children.

“It wasn’t just a light sprinkle or rain it was heavy. The spot it was placed on my grass was flooded. That’s how heavy the rain was,” she said.

The shopper says she has ordered a number of times from the Coles delivery service and has not had any issuers beforehand.