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Women’s “utterly gross” find inside Freddo Frog

Women’s “utterly gross” find inside Freddo Frog

A video that will leave your stomach churning has shown what crawled out of a Cadbury chocolate and its packaging.

A woman who purchased a Freddo Frog from Sydney’s Bondi Beach Woolworths a few weeks ago, says it left her feeling disgusted.

The pack was still within its 2022 expiry date, however the mum of the woman who purchased the Freddo frog says a live maggot could be soon worming its way throughout the wrapper.

There was another across the piece of chocolate.

She claimed Cadbury had offered her $25 as compensation "for eating maggots".

"That is bloody gross and I would be traumatised," one person said in an angry comment.

"Disgusting — thanks for sharing. $25 is not enough, I agree. Lucky you noticed before opening and eating and getting sick — completely and utterly gross," another took to the comments to write.

Other people felt the woman was being overly dramatic, however and argued that $25 was more than fair compensation.

"Get over it. Bad shit happens, there's children starving in Africa, and kids with cancer. Put it in the bin and get over it," one person responded.

A Cadbury spokesperson said the incident was likely caused by a breed of moth entering the chocolate while being stored.

“We’re sorry to hear about their experience. Our dedicated teams work hard to ensure our products are in the best possible condition when they’re enjoyed by our consumers," they told Yahoo News Australia.

“Based on the pictures, it looks like Warehouse or Indian Meal Moths have entered the product in storage. These bugs are common around the world and can gain access to a range of different food products including dried fruit, nuts, pasta, and bread without visibly damaging the packaging.

“We put in place a range of measures at our distribution centres to minimise the risk of these common bugs entering our packaging, and work closely with stores and transport companies to help them maintain an environment that minimises the risk. However, on this occasion, it looks like the product has been affected in transit or storage.”

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