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How tall and who pays: Woman’s list of first-date demands sparks debate

How tall and who pays: Woman’s list of first-date demands sparks debate

A woman’s list of requirements for men to follow on their first dates has sparked a fierce debate on TikTok, with not everyone approving of her demands.

Brooke Miccio, a podcast host and YouTuber, shared her extensive list of first date rules on the platform, with some including height, who pays for the date, and when she will arrive.

“I have the routine down now so here are my rules,” Miccio says in the clip.

Image: @brookemiccio / TikTok

The “seasoned pro at first dates” included one rule about height that is less to do with her date’s actual stature and more to do with if they lied about it.

“I’m going to wear heels to see if you’re lying about your height because every man on every dating app adds a few inches, which is fine but I am 5’7” so it’s just embarrassing if I show up in two-inch heels and we’re the same height,” she says.

“Like you’re lying about something, so just be honest.”

One of Miccio’s other rules states that she will arrive three to five minutes late, as she says she finds it “awkward” to wait for her date to show up.

She also prefers to have drinks rather than food, with the date running for a maximum of two-and-a-half hours, and that the man should pay for the date.

“If you’re courting a woman, the guy has to pay. I’m going to offer, obviously, but it’s a test,” she says in the video.

Her final two rules include wanting her date to text her asking whether she got home safely, and that they have fun on the date.

“We’re just going to have fun,” she says. “Let’s have a good time.”

While some viewers agreed with her rules, especially checking whether she got home safe, others thought it was too much.

“Ok hear me out, I’m the same way but I think it’s okay to let go of the rules and be a little more open-minded,” one user commented.

“This just doesn’t sound fun at all … dating is hard. 🥺”, another lamented.

Image: @brookemiccio / Instagram

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